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*  These drawings are provided as examples of work and are not complete build plans.

** All drawings are stripped of a few key pieces of information to prevent theft of the artistic and structural design.  As such, any use of these drawings as shown may result in failure and the Designer and Technical Director may not be held liable for structural failures.

*** Click on drawings to enlarge for better viewing.

SDQ1_Lycus Concept_4_19_18.jpg
Sht-23_Lycus - Front Wall Construction_3
Sht-8 Staircase Step Assembly.jpg
Sht-4 Turntable Construction.jpg
Sht-5 Staircase Steps (top half).jpg
    Sht-8EoW -  Counter Weight.jpg
    Sht-7_EoW Vertical Construction_.jpg
    Sht-6_Edge of World Base_.jpg
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