Technical Direction and Production Management

- all engineering and construction design by Camden Simon

- click on photos to enlarge
- all lighting design by C. Simon as shown

Custom carving - statues
and Concrete
- Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to the Forum
Rolling Turntable Spiral Staircase (Mame)


Technical/Engineering Design:  Camden Simon

Scenic Design:  Reggie Law
Producing Theatre:  Oak Ridge Playhouse


Notes of interest

* upper unit made of solid A36 steel
* welded by C. Simon

* Supported two actors walking up the stairs

          while spinning

* Rolled offstage with actor on it

* Rated to support 1500 lbs of actor weight


Custom trim, concrete and brick
- 1940's Radio Hour
5 Chinese Brothers
Custom Surrey (Oklahoma)
Train Stop -
Fiddler on the Roof
Moveable Ramp -
**14 ft Cantilever
Neverland Hill
- 19 ft unit
- Peter Pan
It's Only  A Play
Completely Custom built trims and detailings
- You Can't Take It with You
12' Spans on 30' Bridge -
Fiddler on the Roof
Motorized Turntable
- Battery powered & IR controlled
-Marvelous Wonderettes
Pirate Ship
- Peter Pan